“Care for Elders, Care for Children”


On Sunday, October 26th, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Inc., conducted a fundraising brunch in the main dining room. With the furnace turned on, Arnold Mansion was cozy and warm, in contrast to the blustery, autumn morning. Among the guests were newborn babes, children, and, of course, grandparents. The New Bedford non-profit set an array of gifts and items on long tables on the dance floor for what was described as a Chinese raffle. After all, it was the ancient Chinese philosopher Mencius, who, in the series of dialogues called Mencius, proposed we care for the elders and we care for the children whenever we wish to re-found our innate, human goodness. The Chinese raffle was to be conducted after the hearty brunch, prepared as a buffet.


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Inc., (grandparentsraisinggrandchildrenma.org) meets the third Tuesday of each month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in City Hall. Above all, the group aims to give support to New Bedford grandparents serving in place of fathers and mothers, who for various reasons, have had to relinquish parenting. The non-profit also has the aim to improve civil legislation in the area of domestic obligations. The Clerk reports the group, at present, seeks office space from which to conduct the organization.


pjm/Wamsutta Club

The Whiskey Baritone

Saturday, October 5th, 2014

The Atlantic heaved close to shore. The tide-driven wind provoked the Wamsutta trees, green but autumn-worn. Rain sprinkled, then liberally greased the asphalt streets. Yet, the air felt as balmy and moist as the warm breath of Summer. A stolen, vernal gift relinquished by the Deep, no doubt. An autumn night as this brought the arrival of Irish folk musician, Mr. John Roberts, to Arnold Mansion, eminently warm and dry for the occasion. Self-described as the whiskey baritone, Mr. Roberts portrayed for the audience traditional songs with his voice alone, with the concertina, and, also, with the bango. For ballads with titles like “Wheels of the World,” expressing moral objection to textile manufactory and commerce, the audience lent their voices, as by agreement. Ms. Brianna Grace provided the thoughtful Evening’s prefatory refrains, played to the acoustic guitar and with a voice Mr. Roberts noted was, to him, “very nice.”


medeiros/Wamsutta Club